Information to Know When Shopping For The Best Cameras For Under $300.00

August 14, 2014

Finding a good camera on a budget can be challenging, especially if you are looking for a good camera that will produce high quality, clear pictures. With the hundreds of brands and models available, choosing a good camera can be daunting, especially if you don't understand all the lingo. Understanding some of the basics by Gadal can help you make an informed decision, and help you land the best camera for your budget.

One major selling point with many cameras is the mega pixels, but what exactly does that mean? In most basic terms, a higher mega pixel will mean a clearer, crisper image that can be blown up to a larger size without losing quality. A camera with 16.2 mega pixels will, in theory, take clearer, larger pictures than a camera with a 10 mega pixel maximum.

Of course, the downside to taking a high def, high resolution pictures is that it takes more storage space on the SD card of internal storage. Thankfully, the cost of large SD cards is relatively low, and cards as large as 32GB are available and affordable. If you are taking images to print and frame, or for art, then a high MP camera is a good idea. In most cases 10 MP is more than enough for day to day picture taking of children, family and events.

The zoom lenses is another feature that varies a lot by the camera, and is an important feature for photographing wildlife, scenery and taking action shots. Optical zoom is the best option, as digital zoom tends to blur the image and make it lower quality. The length of the zoom is measured by the amount of times it blows up the image in the views, a 50x zoom will increase show the object at 50 times its size from where you are standing for example.

A long zoom can be great for getting action shots of your kids playing soccer, or swimming at the beach. It's also a great way to capture images of wildlife from a distance and in their natural habitat. Avoid cameras with digital zoom only as they are rarely worth it.

Finding a high quality camera for under $300 can be tricky, but, with understanding what the terminology means can help you make a good decision and find the best camera for your budget. Choosing a camera with high MP and solid optical zoom is the best way to make sure you have the features you need to capture all those special moments.